Happy Thyme

Green Thumb Sunday

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It been a while since my last GTS post. This is one of my 'happy plants'. It hasn't been eaten by bugs, damaged by the hailstorm 2 weeks ago, or gotten any diseases. I'm pretty sure it's Thyme, although it does not have a strong flavor.

I'm still debating about what to do about my blog template. Right now I'm playing around with creating my own.

Hopefully I can get a full veggie garden update done this week. Briefly, most things are doing well. The zucchini was hardest hit by the hail storm, and is still recovering. Something is eating my green beans, and the Mrs. Benson tomatoes appear to have early blight. I may try a different variety next year, or plant all Brandywines, as my Mom thinks she likes them better than Mrs. Benson tomatoes. My cucumbers are very happy - they've grown across the path and up the fence. One of the melon vines has a melon about the size of a baseball - can anyone tell when to harvest it? It's an heirloom Asian melon from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.


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Bobbi said...

Nice looking thyme. I can't tell from the photo what type it is.