Revenge of the Chippies

The chippies had their revenge while I was on vacation. The garden was dug up in numerous places. If they don't stop soon, I may have to take more drastic action, so chippies, beware!

In spite of the chipmunks, everything is growing well. The tomatoes are nearly as tall as I am, and starting to ripen. The beans are pretty much done, as is the zucchini. The lettuce, scallions and radishes are growing slowly, possibly from all the shade the tomato plants provide. The peppers are very large with multiple fruits on each plant (my family's never grown peppers very successfully before) so I'm excited about that. Several of the peppers have been bored into; the peppers seem ok though, so I'm going to leave them and see what happens. The Spicy Basil plant keeps growing and I've got enough to make pesto again; this time I'm going to try a slightly different recipe - it calls for zucchini. Should be an interesting culinary adventure.

My perennial garden died while I was gone. I'm not sure if it was from a lack of water or if the soil is just to rocky there. I planted some Coleus there last week, and it seems to be ok so far.

The flower bed is doing well, although not as well as I'd hoped. It rained today so maybe that will perk things up a little. I've been able to save a few seeds, but the plants are not growing very fast. I finally got around to planting my Pennyroyal - it wasn't doing very well in the container. The Horehound isn't doing very well either. Since it's part of the mint family I don't want to plant it in the garden and then spend all spring pulling it out. I found an old (clean) paint can and am going to put some holes in the bottom for drainage, plant the Horehound in it, and then 'plant' the paint can.

That's pretty much all the news. I spent today working on my plant files. I keep an index card for every plant I grow, and some of the ones my Mom and sister grow. At last count I had nearly 45 cards. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have gotten around to organizing my pictures and I can get them up on the internet.

Farewell for now ~

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